Platinum Packaging specialises in custom packaging. We can create eye-catching packaging for the individual business; something unique that sets you apart from the rest of the market.

The advantages of customising your own packaging with Platinum Packaging include:

  • We offer a wide range of jewellery packaging options from which you choose;
  • We then organise the production and delivery of your own range of exclusive jewellery packaging;
  • Your chosen colours for your jewellery boxes and jewellery displays become recognizable with your brand; 
  • Your logo appears on your jewellery packaging;
  • We are an Australian company known for quality packaging  and display products and service;
  • We regularly deal directly with overseas suppliers known to us for the quality of their work;
  • Because we deal regularly with these suppliers we can place your order with others and thus fulfil minimum order requirements not possible for smaller businesses;
  • You do not worry about shipping, customs charges and documentation;
  • We can guarantee the quality of your jewellery packaging products and if required we can even provide a range of samples before full production commences.

How a jewellery product is packaged can have a big effect on who buys the item and how it is perceived. Many jewellers do not place enough emphasis on the importance of colour, as it sets the mood of the brand through its packaging. Jewellery packaging is an affordable way to advance a store's brand.

Below are various examples of our custom packaging.

custom print

cutom print

print custom

custom prints