At Platinum Packaging we pride ourselves on our fast, reliable printing service. We can print on top of most boxes and on the insert that fits inside the lid of our wooden boxes. We can also print inside the lid of some of the two piece boxes such as the Envy and Little box series. But to do this we must use a small printing had so the logo size must be small (3cm). Plate and print up costs a one off $295 + GST. For that you get a printing plate with a large and a small sized logo and the option of one free print every time you order one of our boxes. That's correct, once you have paid for the plate and print set up costs, when you buy our boxes, we will print for you x 1 per box at no extra cost. A second print per box will cost just $1.00 + GST Our regular printing colours are gold, silver, grey, black, white, blue and yellow.